Affordable term life insurance for smokers and tobacco users

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Smokers and other tobacco users can finally get affordable term life insurance!

Tobacco Users

Are you insurance premiums going up in smoke?

Smokers are another group who often have trouble finding reasonable insurance rates. At Quotes "R" Us, we will provide you with the lowest cost life insurance anywhere! If you use tobacco in any of the following forms, we guarantee to save you dollars:

  • Cigarettes
  • Cigars
  • Pipe
  • Chewing Tobacco
After 28 years in the insurance business, I have handled just about every situation you can imagine. I have received hundreds of calls from tobacco users who are seeking fair and reasonable premiums for life insurance coverage.

I make it my business to review all of the tobacco rates available, on a monthly basis. I promise you will save money, and will receive the best insurance value for your dollar in the marketplace today.

Call me at (800) 634-6934 or complete the no obligation Life Insurance Request Form. Remember, it is FREE!

NEW PRODUCT just introduced! Cigar smokers using 2 or less cigars per month are now eligible for the preferred non-smoker rates.

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